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Quality Management

It's amazing what a fresh eye, talented engineers and an innovative spirit can do for quality systems. Our clients benefit enormously from the efficiencies and economies we deliver for them. However daunting your challenges, however high your expectations, we'll meet them.

Ask us about our total quality management systems. We're always ready to help.

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Benefits & Services

  •  Develop innovative systems that set new standards in quality and eliminate variation.
  • On-site help implementing corrective actions with your production and quality teams.
  •  Just in Time (JIT) containment, sorting, rework, kitting and third-party validation activity.
  •  Supervisors to plan and manage your projects, trained by Quality Systems Management experts.
  • Trained, full-time Quality Technicians
  •  100% final inspection at your facility or customer’s assembly location.
  • Ongoing recommendations to enhance systems, including updating work procedures.

You present the problem. We supply the solution.

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