Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management Systems

Today’s fiercely competitive marketplace leaves no room for error. When components fall short of quality expectations, immediate corrective action must be taken.

Choosing a quality management partner with the skills and drive to get it done – however daunting the challenge, whatever the budget and time constraints – is paramount.

PQSI offers you that total commitment. And we back it up with a full array of superior quality management systems to improve quality, boost customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Among the many services you will benefit from:

  • Development of innovative, economical systems that set new standards in quality and eliminate variation
  • On-site help implementing corrective actions in partnership with your production and quality teams
  • Just in Time (JIT) containment, sorting, rework, kitting and third-party validation activity (3PVA)
  • Supervisors to plan and manage your projects, trained by Quality Systems Management experts
  • Trained, full-time Quality Technicians
  • 100% final inspection at your facility or customer’s assembly location, supported by summarized performance reports
  • Ongoing recommendations to enhance your systems, including updating work instructions and procedures