It Starts With Leadership

"The Only Thing Worse Than a Production Nightmare, is Not Knowing What Caused It."

Your Industry Is Our Industry.

On the shop floor, the stakes are high and the pressures are immense. Every company stakes its reputation, every day, on producing a quality product.

When quality issues crop up, it’s more than just the expense, hassle and bad press of a recall.

The damage can be a dented reputation, falling sales, skeptical dealers, and much more. Most insidiously, the downside of these issues causes many to reach for “band-aid” solutions instead of the necessary root-cause analysis—which only borrows trouble from tomorrow.

Those causes can be seriously elusive. It’s one thing to diagnose the symptoms of a problem… but something else to trace up the chain of events to truly understand what really took place and how to not just fix it, but solve it.

That’s Where We Come In.

When quality concerns take over, it’s only natural to involve a third party. Why not reach out for the most experienced, most qualified third party?
We’re so steeped in the automotive industry that we have motor oil in our blood. We’ve sat in the driver’s seat, the passenger seat, and the second and third rows. We offer expertise that’s senior-level, specialized and a cut above our competitors.


We have more than 30 quality engineers, strategically located throughout North America, with an average of 20 years’ experience supporting OEM, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and new business ventures. Our subject matter and commodity-specific experts are ready to take on short and long-term projects whenever and wherever they’re needed.

Meanwhile, we also offer a strong track record as a government contractor, able to meet your specific needs on schedule and on budget.


Arthur Reamy, Vice President


Ossie Nunn, Founder

Who Are We?

Pyramid Quality Solutions & Innovations is an ISO 9001 Service Disabled Veteran-owned, MBE certified company with over 220 employees and 40 locations throughout the US and Canada.

Pyramid constantly strives to design and develop innovative systems that set new standards in quality, eliminate variation, and cut costs.

You Present the Problem.
We Supply the Solution.