As we are through half of 2017, many of us have long decided on our personal New Year’s resolutions—but what of that is about businesses seeking to grow? Perhaps you are considering implementing a new process. Whether that is a significant one that affects your entire business, or a departmental change to improve performance, managing this implementation is vital for its success.

Communication is Key

One of the most important parts of implementation is communicating what the changes will be to the very people who will be undertaking these new processes: your employees. Many will be used to the old way, and you may find yourself facing active resistance, born out of an unwillingness to give up the tools and processes that they have grown used to.

This is virtually unavoidable, but good communication, including documentation and training in preparation for deployment along with careful management of your employee’s misgivings will go a long way to ensuring a smooth transition from old to new.

If your business operates across many offices regionally or nationally, then identifying, measuring and reporting the benefits of the new process to those offices is vital prior to configuration, as well as engagement with those offices. By involving them with the implementation, you decrease resistance to change by addressing concerns and allowing an open channel of communication.

Measuring Ourselves

Finally, measuring success prior, during and after implementing a new process can help to bring employees on-board. By showing clear benefits—such as increase ROI, faster deployments and improved productivity, you display the full value of the new process versus the older one, and how staff will benefit after a brief period of adjustment.

Successful businesses are constantly innovating, and a part of this innovation involves upgrading processes. By successfully managing expectations and showing employees that they are a part of the process, you will ensure a much smoother transition.

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