What the Heck?
Like many businesses, you may believe that producing a higher quality product is both expensive and time consuming. According to the Total Quality Management philosophy, improving quality actually saves time and money. Originating in the 1940s, Total Quality Management, or TQM, was a concept that was designed by several American management consultants. By embracing the ideas outlined in this concept, Japanese manufacturers have markedly improved the quality of products that they produce. They have been able to exponentially increase exports, undergoing a complete transformation from the days when Japanese
products were thought of as low quality. In today’s world, cars made by Japanese companies are some of the safest and most reliable cars on the market.

A Change in Perception
In many companies, quality is the responsibility of the workers, rather than management or anybody else. According to their
performance, they are either penalized or rewarded. According to Total Quality Management, producing a high quality product is actually the responsibility of everyone in the entire company. By implementing effective ways to communicate with customers and evaluate their satisfaction with the product, management is able to make recommendations and provide training so that all employees are able to understand the big picture and improve performance. This is just one way that businesses can improve the quality of their products and exceed customer expectations.

Performance Affects the Bottom Line
Companies are constantly recalling products that they have sold. These recalls are not only expensive, but they also cause customers to distrust the company, thereby hurting the reputation and the future of the company. Even when a faulty or low quality product isn’t dangerous and doesn’t merit a recall, it reflects poorly on the company. Contrastingly, when people purchase a higher quality product, they gain trust and develop loyalty to that brand.

By implementing processes that encourage high performance, high morale for employees, and that improve the quality of products, you begin an upward cycle that will help your company continually increase profit and success.

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