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Quality Management and Consulting for the Automotive, Industrial, and Government Sectors.

Depend on Pyramid experts to root out system problems and fix them in the best, most cost-effective way possible.


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"You have quality management imperatives. Our sole mission is to meet them." 

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roller bearing, vernier callipers , compasses, clipboard and drawings

Dependable Expertise

We're the go-to resource for top automotive and industrial institutions, which speaks volume about their trust in us to handle their quality issues and staffing needs.


24/7 Responsiveness

Because quality issues can't wait and staff shortages won't fill themselves. With 40 locations in 11 states, 220+ employees and a scalable infrastructure, we're ready to serve.


Unmatched Experience

We've earned our invaluable experience from the wide range of systems we've optimized, crises we've resolved, and individuals we've trained  year after year.

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We’re looking for positive, highly motivated people who are willing to work hard and take on challenging positions of leadership and responsibility.

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